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An Exotic Neighborhood Escape with globetrotting cuisine, tropical cocktails and bohemian interiors in Chicago’s Loop.

Dining room tables

Named after the bohemian freethinkers of the 1950s and ’60s, Beatnik On The River channels the beatnik generation’s sense of style, aspiration and rebellion to create an exotic escape with maximalist interiors and lush gardens.

Mirroring our design-through-storytelling whimsy, Beatnik’s culinary team takes guests on a globetrotting journey that starts in the Eastern Mediterranean, moves westward across Northern Africa and finishes across the Atlantic with the flavors of Mexico.

Beatnik’s beverage team makes tropical cocktails that are savory and fresh, with inventive recipes that follow a no-waste sensibility. Our wine list is a compact attaché that contains the story of winemakers who make wine in lesser-known regions of the Mediterranean and the Americas.