Globetrotting food & cocktails and an opulent-meets-Old-World design.

Named after the bohemian freethinkers of the 1950s and ’60s, Beatnik On The River celebrates their defiant and artistic legacy. As a historical touchstone, one beatnik commands our nostalgic reverence: Yves Saint Laurent, a pioneering genius who transformed his era and democratized fashion with timeless and seductive design. At Beatnik On The River, we borrow liberally from YSL and the beatnik generation’s sense of style, aspiration and rebellion to create an exotic escape with progressive, globally inspired food, cocktails and music.

Created by Maison Bonhomme, Beatnik On The River’s aesthetic is driven by a triumphant fusion of three countries close to our heart: Morocco for its audacious combinations of color and passionate artisans, France for its music and artistic confidence, and Italy for a healthy dose of polish and panache to sex it all up.

Mirroring Beatnik On The River’s design-through-storytelling aesthetic, Chef Marcos Campos takes guests on a journey without borders, playing with flavors and ingredients from the eastern Mediterranean to North Africa and across the Atlantic to Mexico and South America. Cocktails are colorful and resourceful, often finding inspiration in ingredients from the kitchen, creating a harmonious relationship between what’s being served on the plates and in the glasses. Inventive garnishes follow a no-waste sensibility by utilizing kitchen leftovers or ingredients found in the cocktails they adorn.

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